President Anderson NBA Judicial Sel. Comm. Vice Chair

Professor Rachel J. Anderson, LVNBA President

Professor Rachel J. Anderson, LVNBA President

Professor Rachel J. Anderson was appointed by National Bar Association (National Bar) President Ben Crump as Vice Chair of the National Bar Judicial Selection Committee for a two year term (2015-2017).  This is her second term on the Judicial Selection Committee.

The National Bar Judicial Selection Committee is a standing committee. Pursuant to the National Bar Bylaws, Chapter XI, Section 11, “[t]his committee:

shall be responsible for evaluating the qualifications of candidates for the federal bench;
shall make recommendations to the Justice Department with respect to candidates for the federal bench; [and]
may cooperate with other bar associations or groups in seeking suitable candidates for recommendation for appointment.”
When appropriate, and where approved by the Board or the Executive Committee, the chairperson or designated Regular Member of the Association may testify in favor of or against the confirmation of specific nominees to the federal bench. The Committee shall consult with local members or Affiliate Members in the judicial circuit or district in which a candidate seeks appointment and give due consideration to any comments submitted therefrom. No candidate shall receive the endorsement of the Association unless there has been an opportunity to conduct an investigation and submit a report to the Board, the Executive Committee, or the membership. All requests for endorsement should be promptly referred to this committee.”

Pursuant to the American Bar Association (ABA) bylaws, the Chair of the NBA Judicial Selection Committee or their designated representative may serve as a liaison to the ABA Judicial Division Standing Committee on Minorities in the Judiciary.


  • National Bar Association Bylaws.

*Terms end at the end of the NBA Annual Convention in the final year.

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