Law Day at Sedway Middle School

2013 Law Day Panels at SedwayCollageImage

top (l-r): Doreen Spears Hartwell, Patricia Lee, Karl Armstrong; botom (l-r): Cybill Dotson, Sandra Douglass Morgan, Telia Williams

At the beginning of May 2013, LVNBA members Karl Armstrong (Treasurer), Cybil Dotson, Sandra Douglass Morgan, Patricia Lee, Doreen Spears Hartwell (President), and Telia Williams participated on panels at Sedway Middle School in honor of ABA Law Day and Law Week in Nevada.  They spoke to approximately 200 students.

This year’s theme was “Realizing the Dream: Equality for All.” Each of the panelists gave a quick summary of their background and how/why they became attorneys.  They discussed the Emancipation Proclamation (1863), the passage of the 14th Amendment in 1868, and some of the major Supreme Court rulings arising from challenges to the 14th Amendment.  They also discussed Plessy v. Fergusson (1896), specifically separate but equal doctrine and Jim Crow laws, and Brown v. Board of Education (1954), specifically separate is not equal-desegregation.   They concluded with a discussion of the impact of the Emancipation Proclamation 100 years later as described in Dr. King’s speech, the Civil Rights Legislation resulting from the Civil Rights Movement, and the types of inequalities and injustices that continue to exist today.

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