Boulware on Comm. on Minority Affairs


Richard F. Boulware

Richard Boulware was appointed by Governor Brian Sandoval to the Nevada Commission on Minority Affairs on December 20, 2012

The Nevada Commission on Minority Affairs is a nine member commission that should represent a variety of minority groups that reflect the general population of Nevada and no more than four members of the Commission can be from the same minority group. At the time of his appointment, there were no African Americans on the Commission.

The Commission’s mandate includes:

  • Studying matters affecting the social and economic welfare and well-being of minorities residing in the State of Nevada;
  • Collecting and disseminating information on activities, programs and essential services available to minorities in the State of Nevada;
  • Studying the availability of employment for minorities in Nevada, and the manner in which minorities are employed; manner in which minorities can be encouraged to start and manage their own businesses successfully; and availability of affordable housing for minorities;
  • Acting as a liaison, in cooperation with the Nevada Equal Rights Commission, to inform people regarding Nevada laws that prohibit discriminatory practices; and procedures pursuant to which aggrieved persons may file complaints or otherwise take action to remedy such discriminatory practices;
  • Striving to create networks within the business community between businesses that are owned by minorities and businesses that are not owned by minorities;
  • Advising the Governor on matters relating to minorities and of concern to minorities; and
  • Recommending proposed legislation to the Governor.


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