Public Interest Law Film Festival

JusticeDouglasThe LVNBA and LVNBA Foundation co-sponsored the second annual Public Interest Law Film Festival at the UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law on September 13-14, 2012.

LVNBA Member Nevada Supreme Court Justice Michael L. Douglas gave the keynote speech. Justice Douglas was introduced by LVNBA Vice President Professor Rachel J. Anderson.

This year’s theme was: Legitimacy, Process, and Penalty.  “What makes legal processes and penalties fair? Who is responsible when they’re not? This year’s film festival features three compelling films that examine these questions in the context of three areas of law: criminal, personal injury and immigration. Each film asks us to question the roles of lawyers, litigants, judges, lawmakers, the media, and the public in legitimizing the legal system—and changing it when its legitimacy is in question.” Three films were shown:

  • Crime After Crime
  • Hot Coffee
  • abUSed

The festival also featured award winning filmmaker Yoav Potash, Executive Director of the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada Barbara Buckley, and U.C. Davis School of Law Professor Gabriel “Jack” Chin.


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