30-Year Anniv. Celebration

LVNBA Members at the 30th Anniversary Celebration on May 14, 2011

LVNBA Members at the 30-Year Anniversary Celebration

The LVNBA celebrated the 30-year anniversary of the original incorporation of the LVNBA in 1981 and honored the founding members, fourteen trailblazing African-American legal pioneers in May 2011 at the Cili Bali Hai Golf ClubThe event featured a performance based on content from oral history transcripts in the LVNBA Archive at the William S. Boyd School of Law. 

The fourteen LVNBA founders were honored at the 30-year anniversary celebration. The founders are: Robert Archie, Andras F. Babero, B. Jeanie Banks, Marcus Cooper, James Davidson, Michael Allen Davis, David Dean, Booker T. Evans, Judge Addeliar D. Guy, III, James O. Porter, Johnnie B. Rawlinson, Dan Winder, Arthur L. Williams, Jr., and Justice of the Peace Earle W. White, Jr.

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